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DC Frequently Asked Questions

What are the usual lengths of rental?

Most are about 6 hours but we do make exceptions for wedding and day trip packages.

What sort of deposit do I need to put down?

You would need to put at least $200 down using a valid credit or debit card.

Are we allowed to smoke in the limousine?

Smoking is complete prohibited. A $100 fee may be charged on the first warning and upon a second warning, the trip may be cancelled.

Is drinking allowed on board?

Only people that are of legal age can drink on board.

What areas can the vehicle travel to? Is it limited at all?

As long as it fits into the time of rental, we'll go anywhere you desire.

During the rental, when do you start charging us?

The time starts from the initial pick up until the last drop off. We do not offer can sort of pick up and drop off service.

Can you match the prices of competitors?

There is no price matching because there are no competitors that offer the exact services we do.

Is the driver knowledgeable on where to take us?

When booking the reservation, please try to supply us with as much information as possible on the places where you want to go so we can map it out. We can charge plans during the rental but we may not have the address.

What happens if I leave any of my belongings in the limousine?

Let us know if you left something in the vehicle and we can check to see if its there, but we are not responsible for any items lost.

What do you provide in the vehicle?

We supply ice, cup, and towels on the bus.



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